Solar Panel Bird Protection Services in Elkins Park & Philadephia, PA

Our world is quickly changing, and with this comes the need for more efficient and green power generation. With new innovations, advanced technology, and decreasing product and installation costs, solar panel systems are becoming more popular to consumers in search of smart, cost-saving, and environmentally friendly solutions to energy efficiency.

With the popularity of renewable energy rising over the recent years, solar panels are now being installed on commercial and residential roofs across America at an increasing rate. Unfortunately, these arrays can provide the perfect home for birds and other critters, leaving solar users in desperate need for a solution.


The Importance of Bird Protection


Every year, pest birds cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to solar panels. Because the panels provide shade from the hot sun, security from predators, and easy in-and-out vantage point, these rooftop solar panels create the ideal environment for pigeons and other pest birds to nest and roost.

Birds are incredibly persistent, especially if they have already nested under the solar panels during the previous season. Since most solar panels are usually just 8″ off the roof deck, removing nests and droppings can be a challenge without the proper and professional assistance needed for this type of job.


A Team You Can Depend On


Birds like Pigeons try to nest underneath your panels causing a buildup of mess around your system. Simply Solars offers a permanent and animal safe solution to this. This innovative system is designed specifically to keep birds from getting under solar arrays, protecting the roof, wiring, and equipment from damage.

Specifically designed to keep birds and critters away from solar panels, bird protection services is an effective solution. The professional protection from the trusted team at Simply Solars not only comes fully warranted, but also takes a day to install. Secure your precious solar investment today with a free consultation!


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